Information and resources

Information and resources

University of Lethbridge Information and Resources

Harassment and Discrimination policy:
You have the right to a harassment and discrimination free workplace.

ULGSA (University of Lethbridge Graduate Student’s Association) is a student advocacy group on campus. Graduate students pay fees to ULGSA. ULGSA is made up of student representatives who sit on various committees with the administration and other organizations on and off campus with the intent of improving student life.

Health Care:
Graduate students have a healthcare benefits plan. The GSA has partnered with the ULSU to bring you health, vision and dental coverage. Log on to your student VIP account or contact the GSA ( if you have any questions.

Alberta Government Information and Resources

Post Secondary Learning Act:
The PSLA is the Alberta legislation dictating the organization and administration of post-secondary education.

Hours Tracking Resources

You have the right to stop working once you complete your agreed upon work hours in your TA contract. It is therefore important you keep track of your hours. Many students use Excel sheets and time keeping apps. ULGA recommends the Clockify app. It is supported on all platforms, including mobile.