University of Lethbridge Graduate Association: Graduate Student’s Union

December 2021 Newsletter

Are you familiar with our collective agreement?

If you have not read the Collective Agreement we recommend you do, so you understand your rights as an employee. 

Download the collective agreement here

Track your hours

As we enter exam season, please remember to track your hours to ensure you do not go over the agreed upon hours (a full GA appointment is 112 hours). If you are near or have exceeded your hours, please let your supervisor know. 

End of semester survey

Please complete the following survey, linked here. It is short! It should only take around five minutes to complete. The survey is anonymous and confidential, but will be used to help us further serve you better day-to-day and at the bargaining table. 

ULFA Rally: Thank you for showing your support

We wish to thank all our members that showed support at the ULFA rally. This action is part of an ongoing effort to demonstrate the importance of our labour and education to the Administration and the Government of Alberta.

Get Involved!

We are pleased to announce the beginning of our STEWARDS PROGRAM. This is a low commitment opportunity to serve and advocate for your colleagues. If you are interested please email for more information.

On behalf of ULGA, thank you for reading our newsletter. If you have any suggestions or questions please email us. 

If you would like to get involved with the Labor Union Committee and ULGA we would love to have you! 

For inquiries please email us at